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In 2013, Swarovski re-organized product lines, and near the same time, Crystal Exchange America reorganized products in the online store to make them easier to find. If this page is displayed, it means that the product or category has changed. Simply use the SEARCH feature to find the item that was originally requested. Or look in the list below, which will allow you to go directly to the new category page.

Swarovski 2009 Christmas Set
Swarovski Abacus
Swarovski African Dream
Swarovski Airplane
Swarovski Airplane
Swarovski Alarm Clock
Swarovski Anchor
Swarovski Angel
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Gabriel
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Limited Edition for 2010
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Limited Edition for 2011
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Limited Edition for 2012
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Michael
Swarovski Angel Ornament, Raphael
Swarovski Angel, Limited Edition for 2007
Swarovski Angel, Limited Edition for 2008
Swarovski Angel, Limited Edition for 2009
Swarovski Arctic Dream
Swarovski Aster
Swarovski Atomizer
Swarovski Baby Boy Aquamarine
Swarovski Baby Carriage (Pram)
Swarovski Baby Carriage (Pram)
Swarovski Baby Girl Rosaline
Swarovski Baby Shoes
Swarovski Baby Shoes
Swarovski Baby's Bottle
Swarovski Baby's Rattle
Swarovski Baby's Rattle
Swarovski Baking Set
Swarovski Balance Scale
Swarovski Ballet Slippers
Swarovski Balloons
Swarovski Balloons
Swarovski Baseball Trophy
Swarovski Basketball Trophy
Swarovski Beach Life
Swarovski Beauty Case
Swarovski Beer Mug
Swarovski Bells
Swarovski Bells
Swarovski Betty the Bunny
Swarovski Bicycle
Swarovski Binoculars
Swarovski Birthday Cake
Swarovski Bonsai
Swarovski Bouquet
Swarovski Bouquet
Swarovski Butterflies, Small Blue
Swarovski Butterflies, Small Red
Swarovski Butterfly Ornament
Swarovski Butterfly Picture Frame
Swarovski Butterfly Tea Light
Swarovski Butterfly, Bejeweled
Swarovski Butterfly, Bejeweled, Violet
Swarovski Butterfly, Violet
Swarovski Cactus
Swarovski Cactus Flacon
Swarovski Cactus, Blue Zircon
Swarovski Cactus, Light Topaz
Swarovski Cactus, Rosaline
Swarovski Calla Lilies
Swarovski Calla Lilies
Swarovski Camera
Swarovski Camera
Swarovski Cardholder Teddy Bear / Suitcase
Swarovski Carlos the Crocodile
Swarovski Carriage
Swarovski Castle
Swarovski Cathedral
Swarovski Champagne Bucket
Swarovski Chinese Junk
Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear, A E 2008
Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear, A E 2009
Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear, A E 2010
Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear, A E 2011
Swarovski Christmas Kris Bear, A E 2012
Swarovski Christmas Ornament Star, Crystal Moonlight
Swarovski Christmas Ornament, Crystal Golden Shadow
Swarovski Christmas Ornament, Light Siam Satin
Swarovski Christmas Ornament, Peridot Silver Shade
Swarovski Christmas Tree
Swarovski Christmas Tree Ornament
Swarovski Christmas Tree Shining Star
Swarovski Clock Book
Swarovski Coffee Mill
Swarovski Conny the Cow
Swarovski Conrad the Car
Swarovski Cradle
Swarovski Crystal Memories in a Bottle
Swarovski Daisy / Marguerite
Swarovski Decanter
Swarovski Diary
Swarovski Dice, Blue
Swarovski Dice, Red
Swarovski Die, Blue
Swarovski Die, Red
Swarovski Diego the Dolphin
Swarovski Dinner Bell
Swarovski Diploma
Swarovski Doll
Swarovski Easter Bell Charm
Swarovski Easter Bunny Charm
Swarovski Easter Butterfly Charm
Swarovski Easter Eggs
Swarovski Egg with Garland
Swarovski Ella the Elephant
Swarovski Ernie the Elephant
Swarovski Ernie the Elephant Magnet
Swarovski Espresso Machine, Baby
Swarovski Espresso Machine, Large
Swarovski Eve, Sunflower
Swarovski Felix the Tree
Swarovski Felix the Tree, Large
Swarovski Film Camera
Swarovski Fish (set of 3)
Swarovski Fish Stickers
Swarovski Flower Basket
Swarovski Flower Box
Swarovski Flower Dream
Swarovski Flower Pot
Swarovski Flower, A (Red)
Swarovski Flower, A (white)
Swarovski Flower, A (Yellow)
Swarovski Flower, A Large
Swarovski Flower, Medium
Swarovski Flute (Glass)
Swarovski Flute (Instrument)
Swarovski Football Trophy
Swarovski Forget-Me-Not
Swarovski Fred the Frog
Swarovski Freight Car
Swarovski Fruit Bowl
Swarovski Gardening Set
Swarovski Gift Clock
Swarovski Gina the Giraffe
Swarovski Gina the Giraffe Magnet
Swarovski Glenn the Ghost Magnet
Swarovski Globe
Swarovski Globe
Swarovski Globe Clock
Swarovski Golf Bag
Swarovski Golf Bag
Swarovski Golf Trophy
Swarovski Good Luck
Swarovski Graduation Cap
Swarovski Graduation Set
Swarovski Graduation Set
Swarovski Gramophone
Swarovski Greek Temple
Swarovski Greek Vase (Amphora)
Swarovski Guitar
Swarovski Guitar
Swarovski Guitar
Swarovski Handbag
Swarovski Handbag Clock
Swarovski Happy Birthday
Swarovski Happy Duck, Kids Earth Fund (Limited Edition)
Swarovski Happy Duck, Pink Ribbon (Limited Edition)
Swarovski Happy Easter
Swarovski Heart Cardholder
Swarovski Heart Flower
Swarovski Heart Flower
Swarovski Heart Jewel Box
Swarovski Heart Magnets
Swarovski Heart Picture Frame
Swarovski Heart Tea Light
Swarovski Heart With You
Swarovski Heart With You Bookmark
Swarovski High-Heeled Shoe
Swarovski High-Heeled Shoe
Swarovski Holiday Bowl SDS
Swarovski Holiday Candleholder SDS
Swarovski Hot Air Balloon
Swarovski Hourglass
Swarovski Ice Cream Sundae
Swarovski Ice Hockey Trophy
Swarovski Ice Skate
Swarovski Inkwell with Quill
Swarovski Inkwell with Quill
Swarovski Inline Skate
Swarovski Iron
Swarovski Jacky
Swarovski Japanese Temple
Swarovski Jess, Daisy
Swarovski Jewelry Box
Swarovski Johnny (Kris Bear)
Swarovski Joy, Sunflower
Swarovski Juke Box
Swarovski Juliette
Swarovski Kay, Rose
Swarovski Kettledrum
Swarovski Kim, Tulip
Swarovski Knapsack (Rucksack)
Swarovski Knitting Needles and Wool
Swarovski Kris Bear - Balloons For You
Swarovski Kris Bear - From the Heart, A E 2007
Swarovski Kris Bear - I Love You
Swarovski Kris Bear - With You
Swarovski Kris Bear - You and I
Swarovski Kris Bear Franšois
Swarovski Kris Bear Fritz
Swarovski Kris Bear Halloween, (Limited Edition) 2011
Swarovski Kris Bear 'It's a Boy'
Swarovski Kris Bear Kaatje
Swarovski Kris Bear Kumiko
Swarovski Kris Bear on Drum, A E 2007
Swarovski Kris Bear, Your Big Day
Swarovski Lamp
Swarovski Lantern
Swarovski Lighthouse
Swarovski Limousine
Swarovski Little Star Ornament
Swarovski Liv, Four Leaf Clover
Swarovski Liz
Swarovski Locomotive
Swarovski Lou, Rose
Swarovski Love Butterflies
Swarovski Love Heart, Crystal Silver Shade, Medium
Swarovski Love Heart, Crystal, Large
Swarovski Love Heart, Crystal, Medium
Swarovski Love Heart, Kakadu Red, Large
Swarovski Love Heart, Light Siam, Medium
Swarovski Love Heart, Light Siam, Small
Swarovski Love Swans
Swarovski Love Turtledoves
Swarovski Loving Hearts
Swarovski Lucky Cat
Swarovski Lucky Clover
Swarovski Lucky Dragon
Swarovski Lucky Elephant
Swarovski Lucky Ladybird
Swarovski Lucy the Duck
Swarovski Magical Christmas Tree
Swarovski Mantle Clock
Swarovski Merry-Go-Round (Carousel)
Swarovski Merry-Go-Round (Carousel)
Swarovski Microscope
Swarovski Mobile Phone
Swarovski Mosque
Swarovski Mother's Day daisy Bowl
Swarovski Mother's Day Daisy Jewelry Box
Swarovski Mother's Day Daisy Vase
Swarovski My Heart, Clear
Swarovski My Heart, Silver Shade
Swarovski My Keys
Swarovski My Little Christmas
Swarovski My Little Friends
Swarovski My Little Halloween Friends
Swarovski My Little Journey
Swarovski My Little Polar Bears
Swarovski My Little Sheep
Swarovski Narcissus
Swarovski Narcissus
Swarovski Ocean Dream
Swarovski Orchid
Swarovski Pacifier
Swarovski Pacifier
Swarovski Pacifier and Baby Bottle, Aquamarine
Swarovski Pacifier and Baby Bottle, Rosaline
Swarovski Pacifier, Light Rose
Swarovski Pacifier, Light Sapphire
Swarovski Pacifier, Sweet Dreams
Swarovski Painter's Palette
Swarovski Passenger Car
Swarovski Paul the Plane
Swarovski Penny Farthing Bicycle
Swarovski Piano
Swarovski Piano
Swarovski Piano
Swarovski Piece of Cake
Swarovski Poinsettia Bottle Stopper
Swarovski Poinsettia Ornament
Swarovski Poinsettia Ornament, Small
Swarovski Poinsettia Tea Light
Swarovski Poinsettia Window Ornament
Swarovski Pot with Ladle
Swarovski Power Boat
Swarovski Present
Swarovski Present
Swarovski Presents
Swarovski Primula, Blue
Swarovski Primula, Red
Swarovski Racing Trophy
Swarovski Radio
Swarovski Rocking Angel
Swarovski Rocking Chair
Swarovski Rocking Christmas Tree
Swarovski Rocking Christmas Tree, Green
Swarovski Rocking Horse
Swarovski Rocking Horse
Swarovski Rocking Reindeer
Swarovski Rocking Snowman
Swarovski Rolling Pin
Swarovski Rose Vase / Flacon
Swarovski Rose, Pink
Swarovski Rose, Pink, Large
Swarovski Rose, Pink, Medium
Swarovski Rose, Red
Swarovski Rose, Yellow
Swarovski Roses
Swarovski Roses, Red
Swarovski Row Boat
Swarovski Sailboat
Swarovski Sailboat
Swarovski Salt and Pepper
Swarovski Salt and Pepper
Swarovski Saxophone
Swarovski Sewing Machine
Swarovski Ski
Swarovski Soccer Trophy
Swarovski South Sea Magnets
Swarovski Sparkling Wine
Swarovski Sparkling Wine / Champagne
Swarovski Sparkling Wine Cooler (or Champagne Bucket) with 2 Flutes
Swarovski Sparkling Wine Cooler / 2 Flutes
Swarovski Spinning Wheel
Swarovski Spring Flower Vase
Swarovski Star Blossoms
Swarovski Star Candleholder
Swarovski Star Candleholder
Swarovski Suitcase / Picture Frame
Swarovski Sunflower
Swarovski Sunflower, Large
Swarovski Sunflower, Medium
Swarovski Susie the Snail
Swarovski Tea Cup
Swarovski Tea Light, Star
Swarovski Tea Pot
Swarovski Tea Set
Swarovski Teddy Bear on Wheels
Swarovski Telephone
Swarovski Tennis Racket
Swarovski Tennis Trophy
Swarovski Theo The Tortoise
Swarovski Ticc-Tacc-Toe
Swarovski Tim the Train
Swarovski Tommy the Tugboat
Swarovski Top Hat and Garland
Swarovski Toy Elephant
Swarovski Toy Train
Swarovski Toy Wagon
Swarovski Treasure Chest
Swarovski Treasure Island
Swarovski Tree Topper
Swarovski Tree Topper Chrome Trim
Swarovski Tree Topper Gold Trim
Swarovski Tricycle
Swarovski Trophy
Swarovski Tulip Vase / Flacon
Swarovski Tulip, Large Yellow
Swarovski Tulip, Pink
Swarovski Tulip, Red
Swarovski Tulip, Yellow
Swarovski Tulips
Swarovski Tulips, Rose
Swarovski Turtle Jewel Box
Swarovski Typewriter
Swarovski Umbrella
Swarovski Viking Ship
Swarovski Violet
Swarovski Violin
Swarovski Violin
Swarovski Violin
Swarovski Walter the Whale
Swarovski Water Pipe
Swarovski Watering Can
Swarovski Weather Frog
Swarovski Wedding Bells
Swarovski Wedding Bouquet
Swarovski Wedding Cake
Swarovski Wedding Cake
Swarovski Wedding Present
Swarovski Wind Mill
Swarovski Wine Glass
Swarovski Wine Set
Swarovski Wine Set 5 Piece
Swarovski Wine Set 5 Piece
Swarovski With Love Hearts