Swarovski Lion (Frosted Mane) - DO1X951F

Swarovski Crystal Lion (Frosted Mane) - DO1X951F / 185410F. This lion is identical to the Swarovski SCS Lion except for the fact that it has a FROSTED mane. Swarovski has never publically stated if a variation like this was produced within the company or if the FROSTED mane is an after-market alteration. The Swarovski Frosted Mane Lion is packaged in the identical box as the SCS Lion and the Certificate of Authenticity is identical to the SCS Lion. Swarovski Crystal Fanatics Treasure.

Swarovski Collection: Swarovski Crystal Society

Theme Group: Inspiration Africa

Designer: Adi Stocker


Swarovski Figurine Price Normal Processing  
Lion (Frosted Mane) - DO1X951F $2,750.00   7-10 days