Swarovski Pegasus - DO1X981 / 7400 098 000 / 216 327

Swarovski SCS 1998 Pegasus - DO1X981 / 7400 098 000 / 216 327. The Annual Edition Pegasus is the final issue of the Swarovski Collector's Society 'Fabulous Creatures'. This lovely mythical design features a mostly clear crystal Pegasus with a frosted mane and tail. It is properly displayed when resting on its back two feet with the front feet in the air. The Pegasus wings are outstretched, as if ready to fly. The SCS Pegasus figurine is approximately 6" long. The Unicorn and Dragon are the other 2 SCS designs in the Fabulous Creature series. Swarovski Club figurine that originally required SCS membership to purchase.

Swarovski Collection: Swarovski Crystal Society

Theme Group: Fabulous Creatures

Designer: Adi Stocker