Swarovski Panther, Orange Shine (Limited Edition) - 9600 000 165 / 1 060 050

Swarovski Orange Shine Panther - 9600 000 165 /1096050 is a numbered limited edition panther. It is orange shine crystal with a spotted granite base. This Swarovski figurine is a must for any serious crystal collector. Swarovski Limited Edition NLE of 888 units. This was a Swarovski LE available online only.

Swarovski Collection: Swarovski Contemporary Nature - Nature

Theme Group: Soulmate

Designer: Heinz Tabertshofer


Condition: Mint
Box: Yes
Box Label: Yes
Generic Booklet: Yes
Edition #: #not disclosed
Normal Processing: 2-3 days
Price: $2,700.00