Collecting Swarovski and maintaining your Swarovski Collection

Your Swarovski collection is a cherished crystal figurines collection

For the avid Swarovski collector, offers unlimited access to many of the crystal figurines and retired ornaments needed to continue building your treasured collection. Whatever your ideal Swarovski collection is missing, there's a good chance you'll be able to find it in our growing virtual inventory of Swarovski. Our easy-to-use shopping cart system makes shopping simple to complete your purchase in a timely manner, unlike auctions where you might have a winning bid UNTIL the final seconds. We're also set apart from auctions in that you get our professional inspection on every item to ensure Swarovski crystal descriptions are accurate. When you can't find it at your local Swarovski dealer, just visit and browse through our listings! Our Swarovski inventory is frequently updated, so bookmark this page and check back often! Collecting Swarovski is a joy when you do your online shopping at

Collecting I need to collect Swarovski Certificates and Swarovski Boxes?

Some Swarovski collectors are unwavering about the importance of having the original Swarovski paperwork and packaging with each and every pieces in their collection. When they purchase retired Swarovski from us, they WILL spend extra money to ensure that the crystal package is complete.

While we feel original packaging is important for storage and sellability, it is really a personal decision as to whether you save that Swarovski packaging forever. We do urge Swarovski collection owners to safely store away boxes and certificates for Annual and Limited editions. Swarovski boxes and Swarovski certificates for those items are specific to the product. If lost or damaged, the could be expensive to replace, or perhaps impossible for Swarovski numbered limited editions.

Update your Swarovski Collection Documentation Routinely

Collecting Swarovski is a genuine passion for many crystal collectors. Shopping and bidding is fun. Making the purchase is fun. Adding the Swarovski crystal to your cabinet is fun. Now, it is time to remember to update your Swarovski collection documentation and insurance.

Some crystal collectors like to use a spreadsheet (i.e. MS Excel) for their records. If you prefer a Swarovski Catalog, we recommend using Warner's Blue Ribbon Books on Swarovski. No matter what you prefer, just make sure that your method is acceptable proof of ownership and covering to your insuring agent.

Collecting Swarovski is also a job. As prices on Swarovski crystal fluctuate (based on supply and demand as well as overall economy and market conditions), it is an excellent idea to review your insurance policy on a regular basis. The Swarovski collector will want to ensure that each piece is included in the policy as well as making certain that the Swarovski ERV is correct. No one wants to overpay for insurance if the Swarovski ERV provided is too high. Just the same, a collector would be disappointed to learn that the crystal could not be replaced if the Swarovski ERV is too low.

Keeping accurate records of your Swarovski crystal figurines collection is important in the event of an unexpected loss. By having good documentation, the process of settling an insurance claim will go more smoothly. Or if the crystal collection becomes part of an estate to be liquidated, the records will be helpful to the Swarovski broker or auctioneer.