Crystal Exchange America's Return Policy

We have VERY, VERY FEW returns, largely due to the thorough inspections we do in-house.  Nonetheless, we do feel it is important for our purchasing customers to "accept" the items before the sellers are paid.

Books, Software, Empty Boxes, Certificates, Gloves, Collector Publications, Jewelry, and NOT-MINT Crystal CANNOT be returned for any reason.

For crystal items, represented as MINT, the buyer has a 48-hour inspection period that begins when UPS (or assigned shipping company) delivers the order.

For orders that are delivered by private courier, sales are considered FINAL at the time the private courier leaves following buyer inspection.

If the buyer is not satisfied with a piece in the order, the piece can be returned only IF:

  • You have our authorization. No problem... just Contact Us.

  • The piece is in its original condition.  We don't want to you to drop and break it then tell us it is not mint!

  • VERY IMPORTANT... Our original mark has not been removed.

  • We do not accept returns for "box condition" or "foam style / condition" or "certificate/paperwork condition".

Items that are "not what the customer expected" are considered a CANCELLED ORDER.  In short, this means that some of all of the non-refundable deposit (or 10% of the purchase price if no separate deposit is charged) will be forfeited if returned.  It is expected the the customer is fully aware of the product being purchased, including size and Swarovski design. Cancellation fees are $30 per item or 10% per item, whichever is greater.

All returns require our authorization and must be shipped within 3 days of our authorization using a "traceable" method of shipping.  Buyer is expected to fully insure the item(s).  The cost of return shipping is the buyer's responsibility.

There are no replacements and no refunds for unauthorized returns, late returns, or items that are damaged during the return transit.   For items damaged en route to us from the buyer, buyer should file insurance claim with the carrier.

Upon receipt back and verification that it is the same piece sent to the buyer, we will attempt to locate and re-ship ONE replacement at no additional cost.  If we are unable to do so, we will refund the full price of the piece.

If the item is damaged during shipping or the order is missing contents, you need to contact us during the 48-hour inspection period that begins when UPS (or assigned shipping company) delivers the order. 

  • You MUST retain all the packing materials including the box that the order is shipped in. 

  • We will file an insurance claim with the shipping carrier to launch an investigation. 

  • During the investigation, the carrier may retrieve the parcel for inspection. 

  • At the end of the investigation, we need the damaged item back to provide a replacement or refund.

  • Discarding ANY of the packing materials or box will void the insurance claim.  We will not provide a replacement or refund.

  • Failure to cooperate during the investigation will void the insurance claim. We will not provide a replacement or refund.

  • Buyer MUST return the item to us for refund or replacement if the shipping carrier (UPS/FedEx) does not do that during the processing of the claim (usually the carrier does this, but not always).

When the inspection period expires, we consider the sale to be FINAL.

If the buyer cancels the transaction at any time,  please be reminded that the deposit (or 10% of the purchase price if no separate deposit is charged) and any shipping fees are NOT REFUNDABLE.

There will be NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.