Payment Methods for Purchasing Swarovski


We accept most major credit cards, personal checks in USD, money orders, and wire transfers!

Payment Information

  • When you place your order, you pay a deposit and the balance due BEFORE we ship.

  • The deposit is subtracted from the balance due; IT IS NOT A SEPARATE FEE.

  • Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE unless your entire order cannot be filled.

  • Please note that if you "change your mind" on any of the items in your order, the deposit is NOT REFUNDABLE.

  • Once we have your entire order here ready for shipping, the remaining balance due will be billed to your credit card 24-48 hours prior to shipping.

  • Deposits are NOT REFUNDABLE if orders are cancelled as a result of delivery being later than expected.

Deposit Rates

  • For orders $300+, the non-refundable deposit is 10% of the entire order including shipping.

  • For orders < $300, the non-refundable deposit is $30.

Exceptions to Deposits

  • Deposits do not apply to orders for software only or books only. The entire balance is billed in a single transaction.

  • You are paying with a personal checks and money orders.  You send us the money for your order immediately and there is a 10-day clearance on checks before we ship.

  • You are paying via Wire transfer.  There is a $75 fee for this service to cover our bank fees.  You send us the money for your order immediately.  We will ship your order as soon as it is ready.

Why Do We Charge Deposits?

In our business, every order is a "special order" or "custom order".  We are getting our customers products that most likely cannot be obtained by simply walking into a store, picking up merchandise, paying for it and walking out.

Our business is more like asking your jewelry store to "special order" that certain ring, with that certain stone, in your size because you have not been able to locate it anywhere else.  The store will probably require a down-payment (aka non-refundable deposit) when you place your order.  And if for some reason you cancel or never come back to pick up and pay for your ring, the jeweler is probably not going to give you back your down-payment as  it may prove difficult to sell that item to anyone else in a reasonable period of time.

We use the non-refundable deposit in the same way.  This helps us to validate credit card information when the order is placed.  It also covers our cost of business in the event we cannot collect the balance prior to shipping.  And lastly, it also covers our cost of business if a customer deletes item(s) from their order or returns item(s) for reasons not related to the quality of the product.