Limited Edition Swarovski

Swarovski Limited Edition Distinction

Swarovski crystal has an unforgettable allure in the crystal figurines it designs and produces. The glisten and shine is absolutely incredible. Once drawn in, it is hard not to become an official Swarovski just happens.

Swarovski crystal aficionados frequently tell stories like this. They have a smaller collection of Swarovski figurines, that gets bigger with every birthday, anniversary, and Christmas, and then, they end up becoming a Swarovski SCS member. SCS has been an acronym for several Swarovski clubs. It originally mean Swarovski Collectors Society. SCS now stands for Swarovski Crystal Society. No matter what SCS stands for, it is still an exclusive privilege that allows club members to purchase some of the Limited Edition Swarovski pieces that are not for sale to the general public.

However, it is not critical to be an SCS member to have a lovely Swarovski Collection, that includes Limited Edition Swarovski crystal. Swarovski also makes limited edition pieces that are limited in duration, that is the amount of time it is produced. Each year, starting in the late 80's, Swarovski makes an annual edition star ornament or snowflake ornament. The Christmas ornament is made for a specific year. The company may do several production runs on the ornaments, but never after the 'special year' has become a part of history. Occasionally, the Swarovski ornaments get so popular that they are officially sold out before Christmas even arrives! Swarovski also makes angels and some Kris Bear figurines that are limited by year!

Most recently, Swarovski has been producing figurines, limited by other factors. Some limited edition Swarovski releases are online-only exclusives. Some limited editions have a maximum number of issues, such as 500. Some limited edition Swarovski pieces are produced in a single run (not limited by how long it takes them to sell).

The SCS Limited Editions can generally be found from a Retired Swarovski Dealer, following retirement. If you are a Swarovski collector working to replace limited edition Swarovski crystal that has become damaged, broken, or lost, the list below may assist in determining the issues that Swarovki released.

Swarovski creates a Limited Edition Swarovski figurine each year, exclusive to the SCS. Since the inception of the SCS, Swarovski has produced the following Limited Edition series:

  • Caring and Sharing (1987 - 1989)

  • Mother and Child (1990 - 1992)

  • Inspiration Africa (1993 - 1995)

  • Fabulous Creature (1996 - 1998)

  • Masquerade (1999 - 2001)

  • Magic of Dance (2002 - 2004)

  • Wonders of the Sea (2005 - 2007)

  • Endangered Wildlife (2008 - 2010)

Among the most prized Swarovski crystal pieces are the Swarovski Limited Edition figurines (numbered limited editions also known as Swarovski NLE) that are limited to 10,000 figurines. These numbered limited edition Swarovski pieces include:

Secondary market prices of Numbered Limited Editions remained in the higher range of $3000 - $5000 each. Swarovski accessories include a suitcase with a combination lock or lock and key, special Swarovski certificate, gloves, and a cleaning cloth.