Swarovski Ornaments... Stars or Snowflakes?

Swarovski Ornaments

Starting in the late 1980's, Swarovski (USA only) began making an annual edition crystal ornament which was issued by the Giftware Suite division of Swarovski. The Christmas ornament was made for a specific year. In 1986, there were about 11 different shapes and each Swarovski ornament was etched with 1986. Swarovski ornament design and shapes varied thru 1990.

Swarovski Star Ornaments

The Swarovski Star Ornaments debuted in 1991 in the USA and European markets. But in 1991, the ornaments in the USA were slightly different that the European version. Both 1991 Ornament variations are among the highest priced retired Swarovski Ornaments, consistently selling over $1500 each (mint condition with original box and paperwork). Swarovski star ornaments are identified here.

  • 1991 Star Ornament - 1991 inscribed on metal tag. 8 extensions.

  • 1993 Star Ornament - 1993 inscribed on metal tag. 6 extensions.

  • 1995 Star Ornament - 1995 inscribed on metal tag. 8 extensions.

  • 1997 Star Ornament - 1997 inscribed on metal tag. 12 extensions.

Swarovski Snowflake Ornaments

The Swarovski Snowflake Ornaments debuted in 1992 for world wide distribution. Swarovski snowflake ornaments are identified here.

  • 1992 Snowflake Ornament - 1992 inscribed on metal tag. 6 extensions.

  • 1994 Snowflake Ornament - 1994 inscribed on metal tag. 6 extensions.

  • 1996 Snowflake Ornament - 1996 inscribed on metal tag. 6 extensions.

  • 1998 Snowflake Ornament - 1998 inscribed on metal tag. 12 extensions.

In 1999, the Swarovski Ornament designs became a bit more abstract, and it is not clear if the ornament is clearly a Swarovski Star Ornament or Swarovski Snowflake Ornament. Nonetheless, the Swarovski ornaments are still so beautiful!

Swarovski ornament ribbons have also changed colors through the years. In 1991, the USA ornament hung from a burgundy ribbon. The Euro variation hung from a red ribbon. In 1992, the Swarovski snowflake ornament hung from a red ribbon. From 1993, thru 2010 ornament, all ribbons have been navy blue. In 2011, there has been a change in ribbon color...it is white.

While Swarovski might do several production runs for the Christmas ornaments, production ceases after the 'special year' has become a part of history. Occasionally, the Swarovski ornaments get so popular that they may be officially sold out before Christmas even arrives!

Fact sheets for Swarovski ornaments can be found at RetiredSwarovski.com . These FREE, easy-to-use PDF files contain miniature photographs, year retired, Swarovski designer, part number and system number.

Swarovski Ornaments: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski packaging has evolved since 1991. All years, beginning in 1991, Swarovski includes a card about the ornament. It usually states the year, but occasionally it is generic in nature (1992 to 1997 only). All the Swarovski star and Swarovski snowflake ornaments are in triangular shapes boxes (except USA 1991, which is square). 1991 to 1996, Swarovski used only a single box to hold the ornament. The Swarovski boxes may be red, white, or blue. Beginning in 1997, Swarovski put an outer sleeve around the box, most likely to hold it closed during shipping. 1997 to 2001, the triangle boxes were white. In 2002, Swarovski changed the ornament boxes to the newer blue packaging and added the small blue Swarovski certificate insert with the ornament.