Swarovski Silver Crystal

Swarovski Silver Crystal Collection is the rock of Swarovski

The Swarovski Silver Crystal Collection seems to be the anchor collection of all Swarovski's figurines. The earliest of Swarovski's figurines were 'Silver Crystal'. Many were cute animals, made from chandelier components. Other significant pieces are the colored paperweights in various shapes. In the late 1970's Swarovski candleholders made their debut, again using some chandelier components. However, since European candles and USA candles differed, that meant two different Swarovski candleholder designs.

Basic Swarovski animal designs included: Cat, Mouse, Rabbit, and Hedgehog. To this day, some variations on these well-liked figures remain in the Silver Crystal Collection product offerings.

Swarovski Silver Crystal Paperweights

  • Atomic Paperweight

  • Barrel / Revolution Paperweight

  • Carousel Paperweight

  • Cone / Rio Paperweight

  • Pyramid, Large

  • Pyramid, Small

And of course these Swarovski Paperweights were available in a plethora of colors!

  • Crystal CAL

  • Bermuda Blue

  • Helio

  • Inn Green

  • Seal

  • Tabac

  • Vitrail Light

  • Vitrail Medium

Swarovski Silver Crystal Collection Theme Groups in 2010

  • Fables and Tales

  • Rare Encounters

  • In the Secret Garden

  • Aquatic Worlds

  • Feathered Beauties

  • The Peaceful Countryside

Swarovski Silver Crystal: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski included product literature with the Silver Crystal collection until around 2011, namely a Swarovski certificate. The Silver Crystal boxes (cylinders) originally showed the block SC logo. Later, with the incorporation of the Swan logo to replace the block SC logo, the silver cylinders were also modified to show the famous Swarovski swan. Most recently (2004ish), Swarovski began using blue cylinders and blue boxes to safely ship and store the crystal figurines.