Rare Swarovski Figurines

Swarovski has an amazing aura in the crystal figurines designed and marketd by the crystal brand. The rainbow sparkle in the morning sunlight is absolutely incredible. Once drawn in, it is hard not to become crystal fanatics Swarovski collectors...it just happens, the history of becoming a serious collector is quite common.

Hard To Find Crystal Figurines by Swarovski

Swarovski has produced well over 2000 designs across many product lines. But how do you know which Swarovski figurines to focus on? Some Swarovski collectors prefer Silver Crystal or Trimlite (two examples), so they buy and collect only figurines from that product line. Some Swarovski collectors like Christmas Ornaments, so they seek and purchase Swarovski Christmas Ornaments from any product line. Some Swarovski collectors simply collect the crystal figurines they like, no matter how common or how rare the Swarvoski figurines are.

Of course the biggest challange in collecting is locating rare Swarovski crystal figurines and hard to find (Swarovski HTF) figirines.

There is no cut-n-dry list of rare Swarovski pieces or hard-to-find pieces. The list can be fluid, especially in the case of seasonal issues like Swarovski Christmas ornaments. An ornament my be hard-to-find during the Christmas holiday season, but easy to find in the summer months.

Swarovski figurines may be hard-to-find due to a limited time or quantity of production. The good news is that hard-to-find does not mean impossible to find. It is generally just a matter of time (and price) before one becomes available.

Rare Swarovski figurines tend to be more difficult to locate all the time. Examples of rare Swarovski figurines include some special colors of paperweights, crystal pieces with a production of less than 1000, Swarovski prototypes (which likely did not success in the test market), and pieces from the Trimlite series (due to how old the figurines now are).

Successfully obtaining Rare Swarovski Figurines

If you are at a dead end locating that precious rare Swarovski crystal figurine, contact us and we'll put your name on a wait list for it. And sometimes we know of clients who have rare pieces, but just are not listed for sale on our web site. The process may take time, but the ultimate reward of locating it will hopefully become your reality.