Soulmates replaced by Swarovski Contemporary Nature

Swarovski Contemporary Nature, originally named Soulmates

The Swarovski Soulmates were magnificent figurines. Most of them have a granite base below the clear crystal figurine. The majority of the Soulmates retail for $800 - $1200. It was fairly easy to know which figurines were Soulmates knowing the general characteristics.

But that has changed! In 2013, Swarovski renamed and re-aligned crystal figurines within a new structure that all Swarovski crystal fanatics are now attempting to master. Soulmates has been renamed, and those very characteristic of being 'massive' on granite bases no longer apply. There are big and small animals, stunning birds, and pretty insects all in the newly named Contemporary Nature product line. Contemporary Nature (formerly Swarovski Soulmates), Crystal Nature, and Mother Nature (formerly Swarovski Paradise) collectively make up the new Swarovski Nature collection.

in 2013, the are approximately 10+ figurines in the Contemporary Nature classification. The reason is that Swarovski did not change retired crystal productions to fit into the new structure. So if a particular figurine was a 'retired Soulmate', it is still considered a Soulmate.

  • Swarovski Amethyst Butterfly

  • Swarovski Bull

  • Swarovski Eagle

  • Swarovski Crystal Butterfly

  • Swarovski Crystal Swan

  • Swarovski Light Sand Elephant

  • Swarovski Jet Swan

  • Swarovski Maxi Swan

  • Swarovski Moroda Panther

  • Swarovski Provence Lavender Butterfly

  • Swarovski Rosaline Butterfly

  • Swarovski Satin Stallion

Swarovski Comtemporary Nature: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski does not include product literature with the Contemporary Nature crystal figurines. The boxes are the newer Swarovski blue packaging.