Swarovski Product Lines

Swarovski Product Lines: Redefined in 2013

Like all other companies, Swarovski is constantly evolving their crystal products, crystal product line names, and categorization of crystal figurines.

Swarovski Symbols

Swarovski Symbols consists of 3 sub-groups of crystal figurines:

  • Swarovski Universal Symbols. The Universal Symbols is the current name of Swarovski Crystal Moments. As in prior years, the Universal Symbols will continue to have themed groups within the division.

  • Swarovski Seasonal Symbols. Seasonal Symbols appears to be figurines that make have peak sales during seasonal shopping, like Spring (for Easter or Mother's Day) and Christmas (for the Christmas season)

  • Swarovski Asian Symbols. Asian Symbols consists of Ornaments (some were just released in 2012), as well as the long-standing Zodiac product line.

Swarovski Characters

Swarovski Characters consists of 3 sub-groups of crystal figurines:

  • Swarovski Lovlots. Lovlots in a colorful group of figurines with personality. Included in the Swarovski Lovlots are the Lovlots families, Limited Edition Mos, Emotis, Kris Bears, Bo Bears, and Happy Ducks.

  • Swarovski Disney. The Swarovski-Disney collaboration began in 2005, welcoming Disney enthusiasts to the crystal world. Swarovski Disney group continues to feature limited edition figurines along with the newer introductions.

  • Swarovski Hello Kitty. The Swarovski-Sanrio collaboration in 2011 encouraged Hello Kitty fanatics to become involved in the crystal world. Swarovski Hello Kitty features just a few figurines at the moment, but there is a significant amount of Swarovski Hello Kitty Jewelry as well.

Swarovski Nature

Swarovski Nature consists of 3 sub-groups of crystal figurines:

Swarovski Art & Statement

Swarovski Art and Statement are the most expensive sculptures and figurines produced by Swarovski:

Swarovski Product Lines Prior to 2013

Swarovski has abolished other product line names. Some long time collectors may still refer to them in conversation, books, software, and on web sites. Extinct Swarovski product lines include: Swarovski Crystal Memories, Swarovski Selection, Swarovski Crystal Home Accessories, Swarovski D├ęcor, and probably more! Swarovski Trimlite is a very old division, but has never been renamed or re-categorized.