Swarovski Liquidation? Lodge Crystal Here and Sell on Consignment

While there are a vast amount of Swarovski crystal fanatics that buy and sell crystal figurines, this may not be the storyline for all Swarovski owners. Some people are not at all collectors, but in fact Swarovski owners by default. This may happen as a result of a collection donation, inheritance, or estate management. So what do Swarovski owners do when they do not feel knowledgeable about Swarovski and do not wish to become knowledgeable, yet dispose of a Swarovski collection or convert it into cash?

On-site lodging for crystal consignment and liquidation at Crystal Exchange America may be the ultimate solution!

Lodge Your Crystal with the Swarovski experts

Crystal Exchange America offers a plan that allows owners to have their figurines kept on site during the selling process. The lodge is secure and figurines are insured against theft and (unlikely) on-site damage. Users of the lodging consignment service should understand that Crystal Exchange America is NOT PURCHASING Swarovski crystal figurines for resale.

When users wish to lodge their crystal for Swarovski liquidation, we do our best to get the most value for the figurines. That being said, liquidation does indicate that the goal is to SELL and we certainly don't have space to become a Swarovski crystal lodge facility indefinitely. Swarovski owners should be sure that there will be no regrets about selling crystal when considering the Swarovski liquidation process.

Swarovski Liquidation utilizing the Crystal Lodge Premises at Crystal Exchange

CrystalExchange.com handles the identification and pricing strategies when crystal is lodged here, so there is no need to learn more about Swarovski than you want to know.

For more information about the crystal lodge process and commission rates, continue reading more about Swarovski consignment.