Swarovski Silver Crystal Evolves to Swarovski Crystal Nature

Swarovski Crystal Nature is the original Swarovski Silver Crystal

The Swarovski Crystal Nature Collection is the anchor collection of all Swarovski's figurines, despite the recent name change. The earliest of Swarovski's figurines were 'Silver Crystal'. In 2013, Swarovski renamed and re-aligned crystal figurines within a new structure that all Swarovski crystal fanatics are now attempting to master. Crystal Nature, along with Mother Nature (formerly Swarovski Paradise), and Contemporary Nature (formerly Swarovski Soulmates) together comprise the Swarovski Nature collection.

Swarovski Crystal Nature Collection Theme Groups in 2013

  • Fables and Tales

  • Rare Encounters

  • In the Secret Garden

  • Aquatic Worlds

  • Feathered Beauties

  • The Peaceful Countryside

  • Flower Dreams

Swarovski Crystal Nature: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski no longer includes any type of product literature or certificates with the Crystal Nature collection. The Crystal Nature boxes (cylinders) are blue cylinders and blue boxes to safely ship and store the crystal figurines.