The Brilliant Crystal Paradise Line

Swarovski Crystal Paradise, the most vibrant Swarovski Collection

In 2000, Swarovski launched a series of colorful insects, which was the origination of Swarovski Paradise Crystal. Over 120 Paradise objects, magnets, and brooches were created for the product line. Categories of figurines from the Swarovski Paradise Insects and Butterflies include: Paradise Bees, Paradise Bumblebees,Paradise Beetles, Paradise Butterflies, Paradise Dragonflies, Paradise Flies, Paradise Grasshoppers, and Paradise Scarabs.

Swarovski Paradise Exotic Fish and Sea (2004)

Following the success of the Swarovski Crystal Paradise Insects and Butterflies collection, Swarovski launched its next series of color, consisting of fish and shells. Again, the Swarovski Paradise Exotic Fish and Sea series was well received. Items in this Swarovski collection include: Celaya, Colina, Corporito, Calabar, Calimera, Cremona, Cleo, Coporita, Cantil, Crotone, Cleona, Camaret, Corunna, Cantillana, Chipili, Catumbela, Curbur (not available in USA), Comallo (not available in USA) and Cubica. The crystal Exotic Fish and Sea collection figurines are now all retired.

Swarovski Paradise Exotic Flowers (2006)

In 2006, the company began launching the Swarovski Paradise Exotic Flowers collection. Items in the Swarovski Paradise Exotic Flowers collection include: Dacali, Daeni, Dalmally, Damboa, Dambulla, Darany, Deoli, Dillia, Dindori, Domoni, and Dorora. All the crystal figurines in the Swarovski Paradise Exotic Flowers series are now retired, except for the Dorora.

Swarovski Paradise Silver Lake (2008 / 2009)

In 2008 and 2009, more flowers and birds were introduced, and placed in the Swarovski Silver Lake collecction: Bee-eaters, Dacea, Dalisa, Damarys, Delleria, Blue Turquoise Kingfishers, Blue Turquoise Roller, Black Diamond Woodpeckers.

Through consolidation and re-organization, there are now a few more pieces in the Swarovski Crystal Paradise collection. They are mostly the larger bird figurines, like the Cockatoo, Macaw, Green Rosella, and Black Diamond Toucan. These four Swarovski birds are now retired.

Fact sheets for Swarovski Paradise can be found at . These FREE, easy-to-use PDF files contain miniature photographs, year introduced, year retired, Swarovski designer, part number and system number.

Swarovski Paradise: Certificates and Packaging

Swarovski includes product literature with the Swarovski Paradise crystal. They typically include a Swarovski certificate. Sometimes there is paperwork regarding silver content, depending on the item and country it is purchased in. The boxes are the newer Swarovski blue packaging.