Swarovski Giftware Suite

Swarovski Giftware Suite Figurines

The Giftware Suite division produced a relatively small number of figurines in the 1980's and 1990's. The majority of the items were holiday ornaments from 1986 - 1992, and useful desk-type items. The balance of the documented Swarovski Giftware Suite collectibles were pendants and key rings/key chains.

Swarovski Giftware Collectibles - a limited line in the 80's & 90's

The most well known Swarovski Giftware Suite figurines are the Swarovski Ornaments, specifically those produced 1986 through 1992. Other notable Giftware Suite products are the Executive Desk Set (sold as a set) and the individual items that comprised the desk set: Ball Point Pen, Bookmark, Card Holder, and Letter Opener. Other desk accessories in the Giftware Suite line were the Picture Frame, Memo Pad Holder, Letter Holder, Pencil Holder, Tape Dispenser, Bookends, Mechanical Pencil, and Dual Pen/Pencil Holder. Many of these desk accessories are found with trim colors (painted on the gold) of red or green, and some of them in black. Legitimate Giftware Suite releases are becoming more difficult to find.

Logos and Packaging for Giftware Suite figurines by Swarovski

The crystal brand Swarovski provide any type of special Swarovski certificate with Giftware Suite products, so there is no accompanying certificate of authenticy with the Giftware Suite figurines. Many Giftware Suite figurines did not carry any type of specific Giftware Suite logo, but may have used the familiar Block SC or Swan logo depending on the year released. The packaging for these crystal figurines varied widely from white cylinders, to triangular boxes, to other types of boxes.