Limited Edition Swarovski...What makes them limited?

Extraordinare Swarovski Limited Editions

Swarovski has made thousands of crystal figurine designs. Crystal animals appeal to nearly every Swarovski collector. Miniature figurines, like those from the Crystal Moments product line, make terrific gifts since they usually have a lower price point. Swarovski Limited Edition crystal almost seem to be 'hunted', and collectors may associate the terms 'rare' and 'hard to find' with limited editions.

So, what exactly does it take for crystal figurines to be an official Swarovski Limited Editions? A figurine can be considered a Swarovski Limited Edition if the

  • crystal figurine is available for a limited period of time, like the Swarovski Annual Editions and Swarovski Ornament.

  • crystal figurine has a maximum quantity of production, like the Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions.

  • crystal figurine has limited production run, like the Swarovski online exlusives which usually have a single production run.

Swarovski makes limited edition pieces that are limited in duration, that is the amount of time it is produced. Each year, starting in the late 80's, Swarovski makes an annual edition star ornament or snowflake ornament. The Christmas ornament is made for a specific year. The company may do several production runs on the ornaments, but never after the 'special year' has become a part of history. Occasionally, the Swarovski ornaments get so popular that they are officially sold out before Christmas even arrives! Swarovski also makes angels and some Kris Bear figurines that are limited by year.

Swarovski LE Series and Swarovski NLE Exclusives

For the crystal society members, the company creates Swarovski limited editions (Swarovski LE) each year, exclusive to the SCS. The figurine is usually a part of a trilogy. The SCS Limited Editions were only available to purchase for a single calendar year by the club member, limited to one figurine per SCS member (except for the Wonders of the Sea series). The SCS Limited Edition series includes:

  • Caring and Sharing (1987 - 1989)

  • Mother and Child (1990 - 1992)

  • Inspiration Africa (1993 - 1995)

  • Fabulous Creature (1996 - 1998)

  • Masquerade (1999 - 2001)

  • Magic of Dance (2002 - 2004)

  • Wonders of the Sea (2005 - 2007)

  • Endangered Wildlife (2008 - 2010)

Swarovski also made Numbered Limited Editions (Swarovski NLE) offered initially to its SCS members. Nearly all of them have a maximum production of 10,000 figurines. These Swarovski limited editions include:

  • Swarovski Eagle (Swarovski NLE,1995)

  • Swarovski Peacock (Swarovski NLE, 1998)

  • Swarovski Wild Horses (Swarovski NLE, 2001)

  • Swarovski Bull (Swarovski NLE, 2004)

  • Swarovski Elephant (Swarovski NLE, 2006)

  • Swarovski Rhinoceros (Swarovski NLE, 2008)

Most recently, Swarovski has been producing figurines, limited by other factors. Some Swarovski limited edition releases are online-only exclusives. Some limited editions have a maximum number of issues, such as 500. Some limited edition pieces are produced in a single run (not limited by how long it takes them to sell).

Rare, Retired Swarovski Limited Editions

Swarovski collectors may a Swarovski Limited Edition always 'rare' or hard to find? The answer is no, not always. Obviously, the lower the quantity, the more difficult it will be to find. The shorter the production run, the more challenging it may become to locate. However, some older items, not necessarily designated as a Swarovski limited edition, are actually the most demanded pieces, like unusual colored paperweights.