Swarovski Limited Annual Editions

The magnificence of Swarovski Limited Edition Crystal

Swarovski crystal is brilliant. Displayed in the sun, the crystal may cast a stunning rainbow prism across the room. For a few minutes, the sensation is that of heaven! The sparkle in the sunlight is delightful. Once drawn in, it is hard not to become an official Swarovski collector...it just happens.

We hear similar stories from many Swarovski crystal collectors around the world. They have a small cabinet of Swarovski figurines, and the natural step is then to join the Swarovski SCS . SCS has been an acronym for several Swarovski clubs. It originally mean Swarovski Collectors Society. SCS now stands for Swarovski Crystal Society. No matter what SCS stands for, it is still an exclusive privilege that allows club members to purchase some of the Swarovski Limited Edition pieces that are not for sale to the general public.

Swarovski creates a Limited Edition figurine each year, exclusive to the SCS. The figurine is usually a part of a trilogy. The SCS Limited Editions were only available to purchase for a single calendar year by the club member, limited to one figurine per SCS member (except for the Wonders of the Sea series). The SCS Limited Edition series includes:

The company has also made Swarovski Numbered Limited Editions for its SCS members.

Swarovski Limited Edition Identification for SCS issues

Swarovski Logos on these limited editions is a bit different than the logos on silver crystal figurines. These logos are special and signify that they are SCS issues. The logo generally includes the initials of the Swarovski Designer and the year it was produced.