Exclusive Swarovski SCS and Limited Edition Swarovski figurines

What is the Swarovski SCS? SCS has been an acronym for several Swarovski clubs. The letters SCS originally stood for Swarovski Collectors Society. SCS now stand for Swarovski Crystal Society. Regardless of the acronym, Swarovski SCS is still an exclusive privilege that allows its club members to purchase the Swarovski Limited Edition pieces that are not available to the general collecting community.

Treasure your elegant SCS Swarovski

The official Swarovski site contains all the information you need to become knowledgeable about the Swarovski SCS community. Learn more about the benefits of being a Swarovski SCS member, such as the joining and renewal gifts, the Swarovski magazine subscription, and the option of purchasing the SCS figurine of the year. Occasionally, there are other Swarovski Limited Editions that require SCS membership, so you'll be able to purchase those as well.

Expand your Swarovski crystal collection with SCS designs

We have nearly all the Swarovski SCS designs and Swarovski Limited Editions available. If for some reason your Swarovski SCS piece is not available, your name can be added to the wait list for it. We encourage collectors to seek out those Swarovski Crystal pieces and complete the SCS trilogies. Supply and demand does fluctuate, so what may be readily available now, might be hard to find in six months time.